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Awards and Loans

The Trust offers financial assistance to individuals or groups to carry through restoration or improvement projects to completion. The Trust also invites enquiries about sponsoring one or more Awards.



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Charlotte and Chelsea Dresser - the joint 2013 Award Winners!


2013 YPoY Awards Charlotte and ChelseaWe have two Young Preservationist winners this year. Sisters Charlotte and Chelsea Dresser have spent long hours learning restoration skills working with the Yorkshire Helicopter Preservation Group.

The girls first entered the realm of helicopter preservation when they came to help their Grandfather, Mike Fitch, a founder member of the YHPG, in the closing stages of the Group’s restoration of Westland Whirlwind, XP345. From September 2009 they became regular volunteers and started on a project of their own, aged 12 and 14.

They were tasked to work out a restoration plan for the cockpit section of XA862, the very first Whirlwind helicopter built by Westlands to enable it to be preserved as a mobile exhibit. With close guidance from the senior members of the Group, the girls started on the task of cleaning the structure and removing parts for repair or replacement.2013 YPoY Awards Charlotte and Chelsea

Things poved quite slowly to begin with as both Chelsea and Charlotte had very little experience in anything engineering. As they learned the skills, from identifying corrosion to the proper use of hand tools, their understanding of the needs of the project grew. Over the next three years, old corroded skins were removed and new ones made from aluminium alloy sheet. The existing parts, like seat frames and internal fittings, were removed and refurbished as ‘mini-projects’, repainted and wrapped up ready for re-installation when the time comes. Gradually the cockpit became very bare internally and the structure which was to remain could be properly cleaned, repaired and refinished. The outside, similarly was being rebuilt and readied for the day it could be painted in its final colours.

2013 YPoY Awards CharlotteWhilst some of the work has been done by other members of the Group, both girls have learnt all the different procedures used, from sheet metal work to painting. Charlotte has developed a strong interest in engineering, hoping to make it her career, and Chelsea is due to go on to University shortly, although studying in a different field.




The National Transport Trust makes loans to groups, associations and individuals at advantageous rates for the restoration of artefacts - whether mobile or part of the infrastructure.  Applications must be supported by a simple business plan which demonstrates the financial viability of the project. A sample business plan is available on request from the Treasurer.


The Trust does occasionaly make Awards for schemes which further the preservation movement. Again if you wish further information please contact the Treasurer.


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