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The photographs that you supply are important to the success of the Awards as we use them to assist in the selection of Award winners, the Awards ceremony and publicity.
Guidance on what we need:

1. Please supply images in the highest possible quality, the larger the file size the better. Some cameras and phones downsize images by default to allow easy emailing, so please ensure you are sending us the best quality available to you.  Ideally this will be a copy of the original file that has not been transmitted or shared by any messaging apps such as  WhatsApp which compresses images thereby reducing image quality. You can send us up to 25 MB in file attachments by email. If you have more than one attachment, they can't add up to more than 25 MB so you may need to send several emails.

2. Use a description of each photo as its file name - maximum 100 characters, don’t include punctuation, keep the suffix (eg .jpg)

3. Composition of the images is important. They should show good balanced views of the entry. Avoid compromised views with detritus, such as ladders, coffee cups, weeds, traffic cones, temporary barriers etc, in shot as these devalue the images for publicity purposes.

4. For Restoration Awards avoid including people in shot, especially in closeup or foreground and take care to avoid capturing children in the image as these are unsuitable for publicity.. General views of the entries are of particular importance in addition to details illustrating restoration work in progress. Where possible, include illustrations of the restoration subject in use prior to restoration.

5. For Preservationist and Lifetime Achievement awards include a good quality image of the nominee in the context of the transport heritage interest for which they are being nominated.

6. For Young Preservationist Awards the nominee must provide consent for the use of their image, and if the nominee is under 16 , parental or guardian’s consent is also needed.

By submitting images to the National Transport Trust you agree that any such images are provided copyright-free to allow the Trust to freely pursue its non-commercial and charitable aims.  
Please note that any images supplied may be disseminated in our press releases and may therefore appear in the media.  We would urge you to ensure you hold any required permission before submitting images to us.
National Transport Trust, Old Bank House, 26 Station Approach, Hinchley Wood, Esher, Surrey KT10 0SR