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National Transport Trust is a company limited by guarantee - registered No. 1509733;  it is registered under the Charities Acts - No. 280943 and has been set up to promote and encourage the permanent preservation, for the benefit of the nation of: 


1. Transport items of historical or technical interest.
2. Books, drawings, films, photographs and recordings of all forms of transport by rail, road, air and water.
In the furtherance of these aims, the Trust sets out to promote and facilitate co-ordination of the transport preservation movement and seeks to advise and assist in all aspects of preservation, including the raising of funds.
Additionally, the Trust supports displays and rallies of historical transport for the benefit of the public and to stimulate public interest in, and support of, historical transport.
Britain’s place in the history and development of transport is second to none; the Trust’s aim to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to study and enjoy our achievements in water, road, rail and air transport, by preventing the loss of irreplaceable relics and material and providing accommodation and maintenance facilities for these that are saved.
Structure and election process
The membership of the Trust is unlimited and the Trust is managed by a Council of Trustees, approved by the members at the Trusts AGM. The council shall be composed of not less than 5 nor more than 14 members.
The liability of members is limited to an amount not exceeding £1.
The Council aims to have trustees representing all forms of transport including railway, aviation, road vehicles (car, motorcycle and commercial), military, maritime, waterway and agricultural vehicles, keeping a balance of interest between them. A candidate will be discussed by the existing trustees. On approval he or she will be approached and asked as to their willingness to serve. A positive response will then lead to nomination, secondment and appointing at the AGM, or possibly following co-option if midway through the year.
In addition to the above the Trust should have in place a Company Secretary as well as a Treasurer, these members to also be Ex-officio members of Council.
The Council shall meet together at least twice a year.


National Transport Trust, Old Bank House, 26 Station Approach, Hinchley Wood, Esher, Surrey KT10 0SR