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Coastal Craft
Fishing and trading. Roman invasion. Viking longships. The Spanish Armada. Voyages to America.


Inland Navigation
Improvement of rivers. Wey Navigation. The first artificial canals. Broad and narrow canals. The grand cross and Telford's mainline. The Grand Union Canal Co.


Colliers and Clippers
James Cook. Brunel. Round the Horn. Great Britain. Cutty Sark.


Pleasure Steamers
Victorian commuters and trippers. The Princess Victoria. Railway competition and ownership. Cross-channel. Waverley.


Cunard vs White Star. Shipbuilding on Tyne, Clyde and Belfast.


London and Liverpool. Coal staithes. Southampton as passenger port.


Container Ships and Supertankers
Container handling revolution. Diesels for steam turbines. Bigger and bigger ...


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