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President:-   Judy, Lady McAlpine

  judy mcalpine photo




 Lady McAlpine has had an interest in all things mechanical from an early age, became involved in motor racing in her teens and she and her first husband amassed a considerable collection of classic sports and racing cars, with a view to moving on to older vehicles later in life. Sadly, her first husband died young and while she maintained the cars, found it “not the same” without him. She then met and married Sir William McAlpine and of course her passion for “old vehicles” was rekindled. It is not just the vehicles that matter: she is also passionate about education and helping aspiring young engineers to take up apprenticeships so that the store of knowledge and skills necessary to conserve our engineering heritage is itself conserved to be passed to future generations.

She is very active in Henley local activities and along with transforming the Thames Traditional Boat Festival organises events at Fawley Hill such as an architectural salvage ahow, in addition to the open days each year which many of us (and many thousands of others) have enjoyed


Deputy President:-  David Morgan MBE TD

Secretary:-  David Morgan MBE TD, Appointed May 1992


David Morgan






Stuart Wilkinson (Chairman), Appointed December 2000

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As well as being our Chairman, Stuart is also Chairman of the Mobile Advocacy Group within the Heritage Alliance and a Trustee of the Brighton Belle. He is also a member of the panel of National Historic Ships. Stuarts interests range from small river-craft to Lancia (he is currently president of the Lancia Motor Club) as well as motorcycles and commercial, military and agricultural vehicles.


Rob Shorland-Ball (Deputy Chairman), Appointed December 2001

 Rob Shorland Ball






Rob Shorland-Ball was formerly Deputy Head and Project Development Director at the National Railway Museum, York and is currently Museums Adviser to the Heritage Railway Association and Secretary of the Railway Heritage Protection Register. His knowledge of heritage transport extends to roads, canals, ports, standard and narrow gauge railways and he is now a published author, principally on railways.


John Broad, Appointed May 2017,

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John’s career was as a design research engineer on press tooling in the vehicle manufacturing sector, but his transport interests also encompass aviation and motorcycles.
Curent aviation roles include:- Vice Chairman, General Aviation Safety Council , Director, General Aviation Awareness Council , CAA Airspace Infringement Working Group. Member of the advisory board of the Confidential Human factors Incident Reporting programme (CHIRP) Charitable Trust.
He is a committee member and former Chairman of the Vintage Aircraft Club, former Director of the Light Aircraft Association and former Council member of the Historic Aircraft. A member of 5 motorcycle clubs and an active motorcyclist. Active in the Council for the Protection of Rural England.


Paul Brook, Appointed June 2017,

Photo awaited


Keith Gibbins, Seconded September 2018,

keith gibbins





Keith is the Heritage Director of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs and also a founder member of the Heritage Alliance Mobile Advocacy Group. Keith’s transport interests are primarily cars and motorcycles.


Chris Heaps, Appointed May 2012

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A lawyer and former Traffic Commissioner, Chris has interests in railways and buses.
He is a member of the Railway Heritage Trust Advisory Board 1985, a former director of Porterbrook Leasing and member of the First Great Western Advisory Board he is currently Chairman of the Helston Railway Preservation Society 2014. Vice-President and former chairman of the London Bus Museum and a Director of UK Bus Driver of the Year Association Ltd. He is the author of five published railway books.


Mike Lunch, Appointed May 2012

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A keen sailor and Chartered Engineer, Mike’s transport interests include sail and motor-powered craft as well as old cars. He has restored a 1908 Thames launch, two vintage cars, assists with friends' historic vehicles and classic yachts. His career was mainly in IT with IBM and Toshiba, he advises the Trusts’ IT projects.


Stephen Middleton, Appointed May 2015,

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Proprietor of Stately Trains (restoring period carriages and steam locomotive) Chairman, NER 1903  Electric auto car Trust. Stephen is a highly regarded specialist in railway carriage restoration.


Bob Owen, Appointed March 2020 

A lawyer who spent his career in aerospace and defence with Rolls Royce, Ferranti, Westland, Thompson-CSF and Thales. He was legal Director of Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) and commitee member of FIVA for meny years. He owns two historic sports cars.


Tracey Parkinson, Seconded September 2018,

Photo awaited

Tracey’s career has focused on railways, with positions at The National Railway Museum, National Rail Communications Centre, Hull Trains; Then at the Tallyllyn, and now General Manager at East Lancs Railway.


Dr Robert Pleming - FRAeS, Appointed June 2017,  

robert pleming       




Robert’s aviation interest started when he gained a Flying Scholarship. After taking a Doctorate in Nuclear Physics in 1977, Robert moved into IT. From 2000, Robert led the restoration of Vulcan XH558, which succeeded seven years later with her first test flight; he then kept XH558 flying for eight years, to the acclaim of millions. Robert is now aiming to inspire youngsters into aviation, engineering and   technology by showcasing working examples of aircraft.


Peter Stone TD, Appointed July 2003

peter stone







A railway enthusiast from childhood, Peter and a small group of school-friends rescued LNER dock shunter 985 from scrapping at a Nottinghamshire colliery as early as 1964.  It has since been restored and transferred to a Trust and, aged 95, runs frequently in Mid-Suffolk. After retirement (and a long TA career) Peter was heavily involved in canal restoration in the East Midlands, before re-locating to the south coast.  He has been a member of Council since 2003 and, in 2007, 'invented' the 'Red Wheel' programme, that has since become such a key element in the Trust's persona.


Jerry Swift, Appointed May 2016

Jerry Swift





Jerry Trained as an electrical engineering officer in the Royal Navy. His transport interests include railways, airlines, naval history and canals. After the Navy he spent 10 years in the airline industry and 20 in the rail industry, including:- Head of Community Rail at Network Rail working with heritage railways on projects such as Sheringham Crossing, clearance of Brighton former Pullman Works, Swanage Railway to Wareham and East Lancs Mainline connection, Member of the Heritage Railway Association and North Yorkshire Moors Railway.


Roy Watts MBE, Appointed October 2012

Roy was a senior manager with a distinguisher career in Sainbury's. He also lead Bluebell Railway Preservation Society as Chairman and Director for many years - leading their successful project to extend the line into East Grinstead for which he was awarded an MBE.


Peter Waller, Appointed March 2020

Peter Waller





An Industrial Archiologist, Peter's career has been in publishing with Ian Allan Publishing where he commisioned and published a wide range of books. He is still writing, editing and publishing books, Director of Online Transport Archive and committee member of National Railway Heritage Awards.


Vice Presidents

Sir Gerald Acher CBE LVO, Air Chief Marshal Sir John Allison KCB CBE ADC FRAeS, Peter Blond, John Cameron, Denis Dunstone, Lord Glendonbrooke CBE, Tony Hales CBE, Bryan Heatley TD, Rt Hon Lord Hesketh KBE PC, Rt Hon Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, Richard Muir Beddall, Alan Moore CBE,Torquil Norman CBE, Lord O’Neill TD, Air Chief Marshall Sir John Rogers KCB CBE FRAeS, Phil Sampson, S Martin Summers, Pete Waterman OBE, Dame Margaret Weston DBE.

National Transport Trust, Old Bank House, 26 Station Approach, Hinchley Wood, Esher, Surrey KT10 0SR