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Red Wheel Sites

Location Date Unveiled Inscription Red Wheel Image
A82 Tyndrum to Glencoe Village 24/4/2024

This road, built between 1928 and 1932, replaced an unsurfaced track and is an outstanding example of work to open up the Highlands to motor traffic

Abbey Station, Shrewsbury 14/12/2023

Shrewsbury Abbey Station. Terminus of the 'Potts' Railway (1866-80). Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Light Railway (1911-1933) and War Department lines (1940-60).

Abbotts of Farnham 15/9/2019

Between 1920 and 1972 'Abbotts of Farnham' Coachbuilders and their predecessors Page & Hunt Ltd built bespoke vehicle bodies of the highest quality on this site.

Ace Cafe, London 8/9/2019

Built 1938 as part of a service area for the new North Circular Road. In the 1950s and 60s, it became a magnet for young motorcyclists.

Alloa Waggonway 4/3/2021

A successful early railway, using gravity and horsepower on wooden rails to transport coal from local pits to the harbour and glassworks

Alston Arches, Haltwhistle 17/6/2010

Completed in 1851 by the Newcastle & Carlisle Railway and used by Alston branch trains until 1976

Anderson\'s Piano, Pass of Brander Stone Signals 9/9/2021

17 semaphore signals, installed 1882-1913, which return to "danger" if wires are cut by rockfalls

Anderton Boat Lift 12/4/2011

A unique hydraulic lift, opened in 1875 to speed the passage of cargoes between the Trent & Mersey Canal and the Weaver Navigation

Annandale Street bus garage, Edinburgh 8/6/2024

ANNANDALE STREET BUS GARAGE A 1922 exhibition hall converted in 1934 to an Edinburgh Corporation bus depot.Now the home of Britain’s largest municipal bus company.

Argyll Motor Works & Royal Torpedo Factory, Alexandria 19/11/2021

Opened 1906 as the largest car factory outside USA. Closed 1914. A torpedo works in both World Wars and until 1969

Avon Lock, Tewkesbury 22/6/2022

By Royal Charter of 1636, a rare example of a lock that is still a toll station between two separate river navigations - the Avon and the Severn.

Barnes Wallis birthplace, Ripley 31/5/2009

1887-1979 Aeronautical Engineer and Inventor, designer of airships, aeroplanes, the Bouncing Bomb and swing-wing aircraft, was born here

Barrow Hill Roundhouse 3/4/2009

1870 Midland Railway roundhouse, now the last operational turntable based engine shed in the UK

Barton Canal Aqueducts 14/11/2016

Arch of Brindley's masonry aqueduct of 1761, to carry the Bridgewater Canal over the River Irwell. Replaced 1893 by the unique iron Swing Aqueduct

Bath Green Park (Midland) Station 30/4/2016

From 1874, the northern terminus of the 72-mile Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway main line to Bournemouth, built over difficult terrain

Bath Spa Station 18/2/2013

1841 Focal point of IK Brunel's Great Western Railway through Bath, sympathetically designed in the pioneering phase of railway construction

Bell Rock Lighthouse Signal Station 2/9/2022

Signal staion to the Bell Rock Lighthouse - 11 miles to the east. Completed 1810 by engineers John Rennie and Robert Stevenson: the oldest sea-washed rock tower in the world

Bingley Five Rise locks 16/2/2011

Opened in 1774 to raise the Leeds and Liverpool Canal 18 metres up the Aire Valley, this is the steepest lock staircase in Britain

Birkenhead Street Tramway 28/8/2010

The first passenger street tramway in Britain was inuagurated here by George Francis Train on 30th August 1860

Blackburn Aircraft factory, Brough 10/7/2019

Founded 1916 by aviation pioneer Robert Blackburn. One of the world's oldest surviving sites of aircraft manufacture.

National Transport Trust, Old Bank House, 26 Station Approach, Hinchley Wood, Esher, Surrey KT10 0SR