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Latest Red Wheel Sites

Location Date Unveiled Inscription Red Wheel Image
Madelvic Motor Factory - Edinburgh 26/11/2021

Remains of the oldest purpose-built car factory in the UK, opened 1898 by the Madelvic Motor Carriage Co which built electric vehicles

Claverhouse (ex Granton Hotel) - Edinburgh 26/11/2021

Built to cater for passengers taking the Granton-Burntisland ferry, prior to the opening of the Forth Bridge. Requisitioned for the Royal Navy 1939

Edinburgh & Dalkeith Railway - Innocent railway 26/11/2021

Warehouse of the Edinburgh & Dalkeith Railway 'Innocent' line, opened 1831.
The city's first railway, built to carry coal and agricultural goods. Horse and rope hauled until 1846. Closed 1968

Argyll Motor Works, Alexandria 19/11/2021

Opened 1906 as the largest car factory outside USA. Closed 1914. A torpedo works in both World Wars and until 1969

Kilmarnock and Troon Railway 19/11/2021

The Kilmarnock & Troon Railway  Opened 1812 as a horse-drawn 4 ft-gauge plateway – the first in Scotland to convey passengers. Converted 1846 to a contemporary railway.

Glasgow Queen Street Station, Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway 28/10/2021

Opened  1842 from Queens Street to Haymarket as Scotland's first inter-city passenger line. Until 1908, trains were cable hauled up the Cowlairs Incline

Starcross Atmospheric Pumping Station 27/9/2021

Built 1846 by I.K. Brunel to provide 'atmospheric' (vacuum) traction for the South Devon Railway. Abandoned 1848 due to high running costs.

Exeter Ship Canal 27/9/2021

Opened 1566 and later extended. The first canal to be built in Britain since Roman times and the first to use Pound Locks.

Shoreham Airport 22/9/2021

Britain's oldest airport, opened 1910, and the first purpose-built commercial airport in the world, with a fine Art Deco terninal building by Stavers Tiltman, 1936

Lincoln St. Marks Station 15/9/2021

Opened 1846 as the Lincoln Terminus of the Midland Railway - the first to reach the city. Re-named 1950 and closed 1985

Fighting Tank - White Hart Hotel - Lincoln 15/9/2021

The prototype British "Fighting Tank" was designed here in late-Summer 1915 by W.A. Tritton and Lt. W.G. Wilson RN. 400 tanks were subsequently built by Fosters of Lincoln

Anderson's Piano, Pass of Brander Stone Signals 9/9/2021

17 semaphore signals, installed 1882-1913, which return to "danger" if wires are cut by rockfalls

Duke of Sutherland's Railway - Dunrobin Castle Station 8/8/2021

To boost the local economy, the 3rd Duke planned and financed the railway from Golspie to Helmsdale. Opened 16th May 1871

Crewe Works Narrow Gauge Railway 1/8/2021

Last remnant of the 18 inch gauge railway that ran through the LNWR Works and linked to Crewe Station via the "Spider Bridge'

Leamington Lift Bridge, Edinburgh 14/7/2021

Erected over the Union Canal at Fountainbridge in 1906. Relocated in 1923 whan the canal was cut back from Port Hopetoun to the Lochrin Basin

First recorded UK car journey - Micheldever Station, Hampshire 3/7/2021

On 5th July 1895 Hon Evelyn Ellis made the first recorded UK car journey 56 miles from Micheldever Station to Datchet in a Panhard et Levassor 'horseless carriage'

Hyperbolic Paraboloid Concrete Roof - Service Station A1 - Markham Moor 1/7/2021

A filling station for the 1960s by architect Sam Scorer and engineer Kalman Hajnal-Konyi, incorporating a hyperbolic paraboloid concrete roof

Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway 9/6/2021

Opened 1890, this Victorian funicular is the UK's only fully water powered railway and one of only three worldwide

Alloa Waggonway 4/3/2021

A successful early railway, using gravity and horsepower on wooden rails to transport coal from local pits to the harbour and glassworks

Smeaton's Arches - Newark 18/12/2020

Built 1770s: widened 1920s 

A causeway to carry the Great North Road across the floodplain of the River Trent. The work of John Smeaton, the 'father of civil engineering'

National Transport Trust, Old Bank House, 26 Station Approach, Hinchley Wood, Esher, Surrey KT10 0SR