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Latest Red Wheel Sites

Location Date Unveiled Inscription Red Wheel Image
Wemyss Bay Station, Inverclyde 29/11/2019

An attractive and effective 1903 facility, by the Caledonian Railway, for the rapid trans-shipment of holiday-makers and their luggage.

Abbotts of Farnham 15/9/2019

Between 1920 and 1972 'Abbotts of Farnham' Coachbuilders and their predecessors Page & Hunt Ltd built bespoke vehicle bodies of the highest quality on this site.

Ace Cafe - London 8/9/2019

Built 1938 as part of a service area for the new North Circular Road. In the 1950s and 60s, it became a magnet for young motorcyclists.

Hincaster Tunnel and Horse Path 6/9/2019

Opened 1819.

A prime example of a canal where boats were hauled through by hand whilst their horses took a purpose-built path over the hill.

Glenfinnan Viaduct 18/8/2019

Built 1897-1901.

When designed by Simpson & Wilson and built by Robert McAlpine & Sons, this was the longest mass concrete viaduct in Britain

Glasgow, Paisley & Ardrossan Canal 16/8/2019

Designed by Thomas Telford and including the longest aqueduct span of the canal era. Opened 1811, converted to a railway in 1885, closed 1983, partially re-opened 1990

Blackburn Aircraft factory, Brough 10/7/2019

Founded 1916 by aviation pioneer Robert Blackburn. One of the world's oldest surviving sites of aircraft manufacture.

North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood. 6/5/2019

In the 1840s, before completion of a through railway, a popular route from London to Glasgow was to Fleetwood by train and thence to Ardrossan by ship.

Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway 23/2/2019

Built 1874/75. The first public narrow-gauge railway in England. Since opening, this railway has carried minerals and passengers on three different gauges of track. 

Crystal Palace (Low Level) Station 6/2/2019

Opened 1854 by the West End of London & Crystal Palace Railway to serve the 2 million annual visitors to the re-located 'Crystal Palace'

West Hartlepool Station 6/2/2019

Opened 1880 and, on 16th December 1914, one of three North Eastern Railway stations to suffer from WW1 enemy naval bombardment

N.E.R. Petrol Electric 'Autocar' - Hartlepool 6/2/2019

The North Eastern Railway ran the world's first Petrol Electric 'Autocar' - the pioneer of modern passenger trains- at Hartlepool in 1904 

First recorded UK car journey - Micheldever Station, Hampshire 23/11/2018

On 6th July 1895 Hon Evelyn Ellis made the first recorded UK car journey 56 miles from Micheldever Station to Datchet in a Panhard et Levassor 'horseless carriage'

Norton Fitzwarren Rail Disasters 17/11/2018

Recalling the Norton Fitzwarren rail disasters of November 1890 and November 1940 and the outstanding efforts of the local community

Building G1 Farnborough Aerodrome 16/10/2018

Build 1905/6 as the Army Balloon School and Store and incorporated into the Royal Flying Corps in 1912 and Royal Aircraft Establishment in 1918



Tyseley Locomotive Depot 29/9/2018

Great Western Railway's Birmingham depot, erected 1908 and maintaining and operating main-line steam locomotives ever since.

Roade Railway Cutting, Northampton 8/9/2018

Roade Cutting - London & Birmingham Railway.

Dug 1834-1838: 56ft deep & 1.5 miles long. A major civil engineering challenge for the world's first long-distance inter-city railway.

Tuckton 2nd Toll Bridge, Christchurch 26/5/2018

When re-constructed in 1905, this was the longest bridge in the UK to use the "Hennebuque" system of ferro-concrete and the first to carry a tramway.

"Mail Rail" Post Office Railway, London 14/5/2018

6 1/2 mile, 2ft gauge driverless underground railway, linking postal sorting offices and main-line stations. 1927-2003

Froghall Canal Basin 20/3/2018

A major complex of canal-side wharves and lime kilns fed, since 1778, by a series of railways from the Cauldon Low limestone quarries

National Transport Trust, Old Bank House, 26 Station Approach, Hinchley Wood, Esher, Surrey KT10 0SR