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Dundee and Newtyle Railway

Opened in 1832 this was the first railway in the north of Scotland. Newtyle station is scheduled as an Ancient Monument.

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About Dundee and Newtyle Railway

This was the earliest railway in the north of Scotland, built in 1831 to convey coal and chemicals 11 miles from the port of Dundee to the agricultural hinterland. It was originally built to the gauge of 4 ' 6". The line was sharply curved, went through a 330 yds tunnel, and by three cable worked inclines climbed 500 ft. Between the inclines, horses were used. Passengers were carried from the outset and it is said that a carriage was fitted with sails and achieved 20 mph.

From Newtyle branches were opened to Glamis and Coupar Angus which became part of the Caledonian Railway main line from Perth to Aberdeen. When the line became part of the Caledonian's antecedents between 1860 and 1868 it was re-gauged to standard gauge and rerouted to avoid the inclines. It closed in 1964.

In Dundee, Cross Roads Station survives as a small two storey cottage know as Laing's Cottage, with dormer windows and space for a clock over the door. It closed in 1855.

In Newtyle the old station survives. It was built in 1831 and closed in 1868 to passengers, though it survived as a goods station until the end.

The station has been redeveloped after many years when it was derelict.

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Google Maps street view

By road: Cross Roads Station is at 276 Clepington Road, Dundee in the grounds of King's Cross Hospital.
Newtyle old station is in Commercial Street, Newtyle. The intermediate line can be traced in parts, in particular the Balbeuchly incline on a tree lined embankment scheduled as an Ancient Monument.

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