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Latest Red Wheel Sites

Location Date Unveiled Inscription Red Wheel Image
Inchinnan Bascule Bridge 1/5/2024

Opened 1923 to a rare design by William Scherzer, the bridge enabled much increased road and river traffic at the White Cart

A82 Tyndrum to Glencoe Village 24/4/2024

This road, built between 1928 and 1932, replaced an unsurfaced track and is an outstanding example of work to open up the Highlands to motor traffic

Leith Tramways Depot, Edinburgh 10/4/2024

This 1938 Modern Movement building held offices for the tram depot that stood behind it, where electric trams were stabled until 1956.

Volks Electric Railway, Brighton 29/3/2024

Opened in 1883 by Brighton-born inventor and engineer Magnus Volk. The oldest operational electric railway in the world

Union Chain Bridge 8/3/2024

When erected in 1820 to the design of Cdr. Samuel Brown RN, a pioneer in chain making, this was the longest wrought iron suspension bridge in the world.

Blackbushe Airport 26/1/2024

Opened 1942 as RAF Hartford Bridge, later BLACKBUSHE AIRPORT.  From 1946, hosted many independent airlines before closure in 1960.  Reopened 1962.


RNAS & RAF East Fortune Airfield 14/12/2023

RNAS & RAF EAST FORTUNE Fine example of a First and Second World War airfield.
In 1919, R34 airship departed from here for the first return flight to the USA.

Abbey Station, Shrewsbury 14/12/2023

Shrewsbury Abbey Station. Terminus of the 'Potts' Railway (1866-80). Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Light Railway (1911-1933) and War Department lines (1940-60).

Dundee and Newtyle Railway 13/12/2023

1831 railhead of Dundee & Newtyle Railway - the first in the North of Scotland - which used rope hauled inclines, horses, sails and locomotives to access Strathmore via The Sidlaws

Haymarket Trainshed at Bo'ness 28/11/2023

Part of the original train shed from Haymarket station, which opened in 1842 as the eastern terminus of the Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway

Glenelg-Skye Turntable ferry “Glenachulish” 25/9/2023

This 1934 car ferry service across the Kyle Rhea straits is provided by MV Glenachulish, the last manually-operated turntable ferry in the UK

Marshall Sons & Co, Gainsborough 8/9/2023

Founded 1848 and, for over a century, a leading manufacturer and exporter of agricultural machinery and military hardware

Slateford Aqueduct, Edinburgh 7/8/2023

A fine 500ft cast-iron trough aqueduct, designed by Hugh Baird and built 1818-22, to carry the Edinburgh & Glasgow Union Canal over the Water of Leith

Scotland Street Tunnel, Edinburgh 7/8/2023


Built to link Waverley with the Fife ferries, this tunnel was so steep that it required trains to be cable-hauled by stationary steam engine

Shrubhill Tram Depot, Edinburgh 7/8/2023

Opened 1898 to service Edinburgh Corporation's cable-trams. Converted 1922 to build, power and maintain electric trams until 1956

Garrett Long Shop Works, Leiston 17/6/2023

Richard Garrett & Sons. Agricultural engineers from 1778. In 1853, built the pioneering ‘Long Shop’ for the flow-line production of steam engines.

Hill of Oaks, Windermere 14/6/2023

Hill of Oaks Site of the first 'seaplane' flight (1911) and first seaplane school (1911). Royal Naval Air Station 1916-1917

Wigan Lock Flight 8/6/2023

23 locks in 2 ½ miles. Opened 1816 to raise the canal by 217 feet and complete a 127-mile link between two cities.

Churchill Barriers, Orkney 12/5/2023

constructed 1940-44 - connecting communities today, the four barriers were originally built to defend the vital naval base in Scapa Flow

Caledonian Canal, Fort Augustus 16/4/2023

A 60 mile navigation through the Great Glen, designed by Thomas Telford and William Jessop, principally to boost the local economy and enable safer movement of the fishing fleet. Opened 1822

National Transport Trust, Old Bank House, 26 Station Approach, Hinchley Wood, Esher, Surrey KT10 0SR