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National Transport Trust is a charity whose purpose is the preservation of Transport Heritage. This includes raising public awareness of examples of Transport Heritage preservation, Restoration Award winners and Transport Heritage Sites.

Our website entries are compiled by volunteers who may, in good faith, have copied images from the internet to illustrate website entries. Some images are submitted to The Trust in support of Award nominations by members of the public. It is possible that some images may have been used without the permission of the copyright owner. It is not the intention of the National Transport Trust to deprive professional photographers of their legitimate right to charge for use of their copyright materials.


The Trust is a charity and is not in a position to pay royalty fees for the use of copyright materials. The Trust is happy to acknowledge the copyright of any image it uses if the copyright owner requests that. If a copyright owner objects to the use of their images, the Trust will issue an apology and immediately remove that image from their web site.


Also see Guidance on photos submitted in support of Award nominations

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