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Awards and Loans

The Trust offers financial assistance to individuals or groups to carry through restoration or improvement projects to completion. The Trust also invites enquiries about sponsoring one or more Awards.



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Michael Banfield


2007 Lifetime Achievement Award


Michael has had a lifetime involvement in the restoration of historic commercial vehicles and buses, veteran and classic cars. He was a founding member in 1957 of the Historic Commercial Vehicle Society, which merged with the Vintage Passenger Vehicle Society to become the Historic Commercial Vehicle Club, the largest such society in the country, possibly the World. Michael has been the leading light of the Society and, in the early days of preservation, it was his own vehicles that set the standard for the benchmark for restoration. He has served on the General Committee of FIVA for 21 years.







Bill Hume


2007 Lifetime Achievement Award

 Bill Hume   has been the Machine Registrar for the Vintage Motor Cycle Club for almost forty years. During this time, he has developed the Machine Register from a pilot study undertaken from a local base to a publication about to appear in its fourth edition, with in excess of 26,000 entries. The Register has become an invaluable tool for the enthusiast and historian and is held in high regard by both DVLA and VOSA for its objectivity and comprehensive coverage of the historic motorcycle parc.


VMCC President David Davies accepted the Award on behalf of Bill, who was not well enough to travel. Bill later received his Award at his home in Seaham . 






Fred and Harold Panton


2007 Lifetime Achievement Award



Fred and Harold Panton have created The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre as a memorial to the 55,000 airman of RAF Bomber Command who lost their lives during the Second World War; and, in particular, in memory of their elder brother, Pilot Officer Christopher Panton, who was killed on a bomber raid over Nuremberg in March 1944. Centre piece of the aircraft collection is an Avro Lancaster, maintained in an active condition and taxied regularly.







Bill and Penny Rose





Bill and Penny Rose form a perfect partnership in their love of the subject of Thames leisure craft. The collection that they have formed has been founded upon a unique understanding of how to assess each boat and its importance within the context of Thames history. They have worked tirelessly but quietly to ensure that every one of the boats in the collection is without compare. Skiffs, punts, gigs, canoes and steam launches are all finished to the highest quality. Then each is fitted out with the precise ephemera and fittings of the exact age of the boat in question - all of the best available. What has been accomplished and continues to grow is a collection of superlative quality and world-class historical importance.




The National Transport Trust makes loans to groups, associations and individuals at advantageous rates for the restoration of artefacts - whether mobile or part of the infrastructure.  Applications must be supported by a simple business plan which demonstrates the financial viability of the project. A sample business plan is available on request from the Treasurer.


The Trust does occasionaly make Awards for schemes which further the preservation movement. Again if you wish further information please contact the Treasurer.


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