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Caergwrle Packhorse Bridge

Packhorse bridge over the River Alyn, supposedly haunted.
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Fellows Lane, Caergwrle, Wreham LL12 9AU

LL12 9AU
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About Caergwrle Packhorse Bridge

Caergwrle is a village in the county of Flintshire, in north east Wales. Approximately 5-6 miles from Wrexham and situated on the A541 road, it is contiguous with the village of Abermorddu and closely related to the village of Hope. The village lies on the River Alyn and sits at the base of Hope Mountain (Mynydd yr Hob).

The 17th century Packhorse Bridge crosses the River Alyn. V shaped niches in the walls allowed pedestrians to stand out of the way of the packhorses. The walls are low to allow the bulging packs on the horses backs to overhang the walls. It is reputed to be haunted. The bridge  was nearly destroyed by flooding in 2000, though it has since been restored.

The nearby 13th-century ruined Caergwrle Castle was first built by Prince Dafydd ap Gruffudd, in lands given to him by Edward I after the first Welsh campaign of 1277. The village originally had the English name of Corley, but with the addition of the Welsh "Caer", meaning "fortress", the name gradually took on Welsh characteristics. To explain the name, a myth developed of a giant named Gwrle, who was supposed to have lived in the castle and been buried in the nearby Neolithic burial mound at Cefn-y-bedd.

By road: Off A541 and A550, on Fellows Lane.

By rail: Caergwrle Station is approx 1.5k m away.

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