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Dalguise Viaduct

Impressive and charming lattice viaduct
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Dalguise, Perthshire PH8 0JU
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About Dalguise Viaduct

The railway northward from Perth was built by the Inverness & Perth Junction Railway whose engineer was Joseph Mitchell (1803-1883). He was the son of the Chief Inspector who had worked for Telford on the great road building programme in the highlands, and succeeded his father before turning to railways. 

This 167 km (104 miles) line between Dunkeld and Forres was constructed over difficult terrain in the remarkably short period of two years, opening in 1863. As was the case on the Inverness & Nairn, Mitchell designed some impressive bridges and viaducts.

At Dalguise the Tay is wide and liable to flood. The railway is carried over it on two close-latticed wrought iron trusses, 64 m (210 ft) and 43 m (141 ft) long. These are supported on pairs of stone piers which are carried upward as turrets with crenellated tops. The wholeappearance is both impressive and charming. It is listed Grade A.

There is another, similar, viaduct a little further north, also Listed Grade A, but without turrets. It was built by Mitchell over the river Tummel at Logierait on the former Aberfeldy branch line, sitting on private property.

By road: On B 898 in Dalguise; can also be viewed on A9 at Dowally

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