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Awards and Loans

The Trust offers financial assistance to individuals or groups to carry through restoration or improvement projects to completion. The Trust also invites enquiries about sponsoring one or more Awards.



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1885 Decauville narrow gauge steam engine

2016 Restoration Awards jeremy martinJeremy Martin of Hawkenbury in Kent for the repatriation and restoration of his 1885 Decauville narrow gauge steam engine. 

This locomotive was recovered from Peru, where it had been in use on a sugar plantation, and restored. It will be seen and used on the owner’s railway and at other venues 








Great North of Scotland Railway Full Brake Van

2016 Restoration Awards Royal Deeside Railwayowned by the Royal Deeside Railway Preservation Society. Rescued from a field in 1998 This has been a challenging restoration set against the background of a small group of determined individuals trying to establish a heritage railway. Excellent work has been completed so far, finding and fitting the correct chassis and with considerable timberwork required. With much more needed, the Awards Panel were keen to assist with at least some of the restoration costs.





1934 BSA TW343 wheeler owned by Simon Barringer of Elstow in Bedford.  


2016 Restoration Awards Simon BarringerThis is a rare and pretty car, and it is undergoing an excellent and very thorough restoration by its enthusiastic owner.  Simon also happens to have done a lot of very challenging upholstery work on the Severn Valley Railway.









1956 Lancia Aurelia B20 owned by Will How of Tadworth in Surrey.

2016 Restoration Awards Will HowThis car is being restored after years of neglect. A rare and lovely car that is undergoing the most thorough nut and bolt restoration where the attention to detail is phenomenal. The car is one of only 745 RHD cars and examples of the model were owned by such names as mike Hawthorne and Bridget Bardot. As well as painstakingly restoring the car, Will has gathered together a veritable mountain of history and information.

 1956 Lancia Aurelia B20 001



1930 Alvis 12/50 Tourer. Owned by Marcus Frieder of Croxton in Staffordshire.

2016 Restoration Awards Marcus FielderIn one family since 1964, this open topped car is now undergoing total restoration.  Alice, as the car is affectionately known, has a sporting history with appearances at Curborough, Prescott and Shelsey Walsh as well as three times participant on the Gordon Bennett rally in Ireland. Work is being undertaken virtually exclusively by the owner and a friend.Alvis






1940 Bedford OY 3 ton Lorry owned by David Boxall of Petersfield in Hampshire.

2016 Restoration Awards David Boxall


It is believed to be the oldest of its type to survive Full restoration of this early OY, with its plethorah of unusual original features was completed a number of years ago but since then the lorry has been hidden away in dry storage.  The Trust is pleased to assist with funds for recommissioning work on the electrics and brakes in order for the truck to be seen back on the road again.Bedford OY


1938 Dennis Ace Bus owned by the Ipswich Transport Museum.

2016 Restoration Awards Ipswich Transport Museum


This excellent restoration by volunteers at the Ipswich Transport Museum of an unusual vehicle was judged by the awards panel to be an excellent example of a pre war PSV. It also happens to be the very first vehicle owned by the Ipswich Museum, the Awards Panel were happy to contribute to the ongoing restoration which will mainly be reupholstery.Dennis Ace Bus




1962 Ribble White Lady Double Deck Coach owned by the Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust.

2016 Restoration Awards Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust


A classic “middle distance” double deck coach which is undergoing major chassis surgery and a retrim by a band of determined and dedicated volunteers who intend making sure that it gets lots of public access.Ribble White Lady











1930 Foden Steam “Agritractor” owned by John Sawle of Mt Hawke Cornwall. 


A very thorough restoration of a virtually unique steam road engine, this one is believed to have has the worlds oldest welded boiler. Only 6 were built , two survive but this is the only agricultural version. Restoration on a tight budget has been ongoing for many years but the engine is nearing completion.Agritractor and John Sawle



1955 AEC Regent V Bus owned by Alan West of Swansea.


2016 Restoration Awards Adam West


The oldest surviving example of this model on the road today and the only survivor of the Regent Vs run by South Wales. this vehicle is undergoing an extensive restoration in the Swansea Bus Museum by Alan and a team of associates.





Commemorative Awards:


The Commemorative awards are named after key founding members of the Transport Trust and represent the very best of the years nominated projects:



The  David Muirhead Award

1886 Somerset & Dorset Railway First Class Carriage


2016 Restoration Awards Somerset and Dorset


Owned by the Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust. Became a cricket pavilion in 1930, and rescued in 1986 by the Somerset & Dorset Railway Trust. A rare and historic vehicle.

1886 first class carriage







 2016 Restoration Awards Somerset and Dorset



The Alan Moore Award

1929 Sentinel DG8 Steam Wagon. Owned by Richard Straughan of Stanley Co Durham.


This wagon was originally ordered by tarmac as a 6 wheeler but was later converted to 8 after the Slater Report. Sent for scrap in 1949 it was cut up but not destroyed, many of the pieces were dispersed amongst those starting the traction engine preservation movement. In 

Sentinel DG8

1988 many of the components were brought by the current owner and he then commenced  an epic 25 year restoration of a unique Sentinel then commenced with Richard overcoming tremendous challenges to both collect together the components and put the thing together.  Seen at many rallies this year but restoration continues reinstating steam brakes and tipping gear. To put the global interest in the Sentinel into perspective an amateur home video of a test run of the truck posted on Facebook has been viewed by no fewer than 3.6 million people across the globe.



The Roy Wilsden Award

1942 Sunbeam Trolleybus

2016 Restoration Awards tim stubbs


This entered service in Rotherham in 1943.  It was given a major overhaul in 1950 before being scrapped in 1954. It was rescued in 2001 after lying destitute for 47 years. 14 years of hard work later and all major work is complete with mainly trimming 

Sunbeam Trolleybus

and painting required. A rare and interesting vehicle and the owner and small band of helpers have solved some really tough technical problems, particularly relating to the electrical system to get the vehicle to the state that it is in now. Owned by Tim Stubbs from Burton on Trent.  Work has been meticulously recorded for posterity, and Tim is now the proud owner of not only an exceptional restoration but his own version of a Haynes manual for it!



The Peter Allan Award

1906 Marshall compound traction engine

2016 Restoration Awards Tim Spencer Peet

owned by Tim Spencer-Peet of St Helens on the Isle of Wight.


After many years of operating and restoring steam railway engines on the Isle of Wight Tim was able in

Marshall Traction Engine2010 to purchase the remains of a Marshall 6NHP engine that had been repatriated from Tasmania. Subsequent inspection revealed that the remains were in fact two engines, a 1906 7NHP and a 1928 S Type. After separating everything work commenced, and continued, on the 6NHP. Total superb quality restoration of a derelict and incomplete traction engine by an enthusiastic, skillful and dedicat

ed couple continues with most of the work being undertaken in Tims 7ftx20ft home workshop. The Awards Panel were particularly impressed by the way that modern cutting edge engineering techniques were being utilised in the restoration including the casting of a new cylinder block.


The National Transport Trust makes loans to groups, associations and individuals at advantageous rates for the restoration of artefacts - whether mobile or part of the infrastructure.  Applications must be supported by a simple business plan which demonstrates the financial viability of the project. A sample business plan is available on request from the Treasurer.


The Trust does occasionaly make Awards for schemes which further the preservation movement. Again if you wish further information please contact the Treasurer.


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