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Braunston Canal Village

Situated at the junction of the Oxford and Grand Junction Canals and a hub of the English canal network since the 18th century

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160 Dark Lane Braunston Daventry Northants

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About Braunston Canal Village

The canal at Braunston, where the Grand Union Canal and the Oxford Canal meet, is the busiest anywhere on the British canal network. Despite its splendid rural setting, there is a wealth of hidden delights both at Braunston Marina and at the pretty village of Braunston two minutes away on the hill above the junction.

The canal alongside Braunston is a junction between the Oxford Canal and the Grand Union Canal, which was once an important part of the national transport system. Many former boating families have links to Braunston, the churchyard in the village having many graves of boatmen and women.

The village thrived for over 150 years on the canal trade[8] - carrying goods from the Midlands to London. Now it is a centre for leisure activities and boasts by far and away the busiest stretch of canal anywhere in the country.[citation needed]

The unique triangular junction between the two canals has two bridges made at Horseley Ironworks carrying the towpath over the canal. This was not the original meeting point of the Grand Junction and Oxford Canals: the junction was moved in the course of improvements to the Oxford Canal in the 1830s, prior to which the junction was near where the marina is today, and where a third Horseley Ironworks bridge can be seen.

The canals are no longer used for carrying freight, but are now used mostly by pleasure boats. Braunston has a marina filled with these pleasure boats and is usually quite busy.

From the marina, six locks carry the Grand Union Canal up to Braunston Tunnel, some 2,049 yards (1,874 m) long.


Image courtesy Canals & River Trust

National Transport Trust, Old Bank House, 26 Station Approach, Hinchley Wood, Esher, Surrey KT10 0SR