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Camden Road Station

(formerly Camden Town) Opened 1870, one of six Italianate stations designed by Edwin Henry Horne for the fast-growing North London Railway

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Camden Road Railway Station Camden Road NW1 9LS

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About Camden Road Station

The first Camden Road (North London Railway) station was opened in 1850 and was situated on the east side of what is now St. Pancras Way. It was renamed Camden Town (NLR) on 1 July 1870 but was closed on 5 December 1870 when it was replaced by the second station situated a short distance to the west.

The present station is the second station of this name and is located at the corner of Royal College Street and Camden Road. Designed by Edwin Henry Horne and opened as "Camden Town" by the North London Railway on 5 December 1870, it was renamed "Camden Road" on 25 September 1950 to avoid confusion with the London Underground Northern line Camden Town which had opened in 1907. Thus, between 1907 and 1950, there were two stations called 'Camden Town'.

The present 'Camden Town' London Underground station is 450 metres to the southwest of this station. However, the accompanying photograph shows the original name ("Camden Town Station") still displayed on the parapet of the station building of what is now 'Camden Road' station. It is one of the few railway stations in England in which there is a police station.

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